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3rd Party DVD from Beachbody

Posted by Action On January - 20 - 2013

I received a copy of the 3rd party DVD that Beachbody shot at our home a few months ago for being the Top Recruiters in the company. They are making one small change and then they will send me a master copy of the team and I to use. As soon as I get the [...]

Beachbody 80/20 Rule

Posted by Action On October - 20 - 2012

The Beachbody 80-20 Rule This one is so important. Some will think it’s just fluff! However, if you are conscious of this then it will make a measurable difference. Stop focusing on the 80%. You don’t need more education, your website does not have to be perfect, your presentation does not have to be perfect, [...]

I have advanced to Ruby status with Beachbody…

Posted by Action On September - 30 - 2011

Here is a testimonial I received today from a fellow Beachbody Coach who is using the Lead Capture Pages and Ad Co-op: Just wanted to give you an update.  I have advanced to Ruby status with Beachbody and knocking on Diamond’s Door.  Your system is kickin some but on signing up coaches.  Thanks so [...]

Congratulations to Dianna Jackson from Utah for being the #1 recruiter in Beachbody. Dianna exclusively uses the websites and ad co-op to promote her business!

Top Producers – Summit Award Recognition

Posted by Action On June - 15 - 2011

I just received the following email from Beachbody: “You are being recognized at the CELEBRATION event this Saturday night at Summit for Top Shakeology HD, Top Recruiter, and/or Top Team Rank Advancement for 2010.” The system is fantastic for building and expanding your Beachbody business. Here is a copy of the email:

Wow, business is booming!!!

Posted by Action On March - 12 - 2011

Wow, this is the direction we all want to see our business go in! Look at the following graph from the Advertising Co-op System: As you can see the Advertising Co-op System™ is moving in the right direction. As of today (March 11th, 2011) we have had 13,594. Compare that with last month where we [...]

Beachbody Top Recruiters

Posted by Action On January - 25 - 2011

Congrat’s to the Beachbody 2010 Top Recruiters; Josh Spencer, Hillary Kelly, Dianna Jackson (my wife who is using the system here at, Brad Gibala, Monica Gray, Tommy Mygrant, Barbie Decker, Wayne Wyatt, Monica Ward & Julie Schulte. My wife came in the #3 spot. We joined mid August and only worked the business for [...]

New York man ordered to pay $2.1 million for selling pirated P90X video The Santa Monica company that markets the popular fitness video program P90X has won a $2.1-million judgment against a New York man it said was selling pirated copies of its DVDs on the Internet. U.S. District Judge John F. Walter in Los [...]

Do you want to be right or rich?

Posted by Action On November - 2 - 2010
How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

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