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What would a MLM Millionaire do?

Posted by Action On September - 3 - 2010

When I was new in MLM and didn’t know what to say to a prospect I always asked myself what would a “mlm millionaire” do or say and then I acted appropriately.

Amazing what happens when you begin asking yourself more empowering questions.

Now here I am years later and I’m the MLM millionaire. Gotta love it baby!!!

The 3 most important things that will make the difference as to where you will be at financially in the next couple of years are:

1 – the people you associate with - most people associate with the broke (minded and financially) people in their lives. Your income will be within $5,000 of the 5 people you hang out with the most – THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN!

2 – the books that you read - most people read garbage and we all know “garbage in, garbage out.”  Try picking up a self-help book. What book you ask – IT DOESN’T MATTER – anyone will do. At least it will get you on the path to becoming a better person.

3 – the questions we ask ourselves - those little questions and thoughts in your head all day or either destroying you or moving you towards the life you really want. Stop for a moment and listen to yourself. What kind of questions are you asking yourself?

If you ask yourself “why does this always happen to me” then you mind has to come up with an answer. It HAS NO CHOICE! It will give you an answer.

However, if you ask yourself something like “what can I do today to generate 100 viewers to my website” guess what your brain will start to find (at least start searching) for an answer.

When I joined Team Beachbody I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would be the #1 recruiter. I knew this before I even signed up or recruited my first person.

Michael Jordan always said that he saw the ball going into the basket, before he shot it.

Visualization is the art of seeing what you want as though you already have what you want. It is a technique used by some of the most successful people in the world.

I know I said earlier that “any self help book” is fine. If you want my #1 recommendation it is BY FAR the following book:

See you at the top,

J.R. Jackson

2 Responses to “What would a MLM Millionaire do?”

  1. Neal Ashley says:

    Good Stuff JR! What you mentioned has taken me a long way from where I was. I still have some distance to travel but the journey is fun.

    Thanks for your leadership.


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