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Order Website w/Lead Capture System

Watch the short video to learn how the Lead Capture System™ works.

Are you wanting the #1 recruiting system to build your Beachbody business?

Chances are you were introduced to Beachbody by seeing the 19-minute copyrighted video by Mr. Jackson. This overview is exclusive to only those people on Mr. Jackson’s team. Because you are on Mr. Jackson’s team you can get the EXACT system he (and other top leaders) are using.

You will get your very own domain, hosting account, lead capture system with autoresponders. This is a true Turn-Key System.

There is no programming or web design experience required!

Mr. Jackson and his team have developed a system which is as simple as checking your email. All of the back-end programming is done for you. All of the leads which are processed through your site are sent to your email address.

For those individuals who want to take their system to the next level we include training videos which show you how the autoresponder system works, how to import leads etc.

Mr. Jackson has used this EXACT system to recruit tens of thousands of people in various direct marketing companies and in the process has earned millions of dollars!

AFTER clicking one of the 2 payment options below you will be taken to the order page. After making your payment you will be forwarded to the domain page where you will be able to choose your website name. We provide you with several resources on how to choose a good name.

Option-1 Prepay For The Year $97

(+ $6.67 credit card fee)

*Receive 1,000 leads
for choosing this option.

Option-2 $12.95/month
(+$30 setup & $3 credit card fee)

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